Message from the Directors

[Director in charge of general affairs] Dr. Kohji Nishida (professor, Osaka University)

My name is Kohji Nishida, and I have been appointed as the director in charge of general affairs for the present term. First, I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to carry forward the responsibilities of the chairman in the last term.

Recently, with extensive support from the directors and members, I could lead new initiatives including publicizing the Japan Cornea Society to the global society by hosting a social gathering in WOC2014 and organizing a new system for amniotic membrane transplantation, which was newly covered by the Japanese health insurance system.

The Japan Cornea Society is currently the world’s largest academic society specialized in corneas. I think this is largely due to our tradition of free and active discussions, promotion of young researchers and international character. Meanwhile, the reformation of the medical specialty system is on the way across the entire medical society and it is obvious that the meaning of academic societies of respective specialties will change in the near future. This year, I would like to support the chairman, Dr. Shimazaki, as Director of General Affairs and create a prosperous future of the Japan Cornea Society together with other directors, councilors and members. It’s my sincere desire to contribute to further development of the society with all my strength. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

[Director in charge of academic affairs] Dr. Yoshikazu Shimomura (professor, Kinki University)

It is my honor to be appointed as a director of the Japan Cornea Society. I will do my best to support the new chairman, Dr. Shimazaki, in the field of “Academic Affairs” and to lead initiatives to further raise the level of corneal research in Japan.

In the last term, the judging systems of the Japan Cornea Society’s academic encouragement prize and outstanding cornea conference poster awards were revised under the leadership of the former director Dr. Ohashi. For the prize, the new judging system involves external intellectuals (retired ex-councilors), and for the awards, councilors will select the winners. In my opinion, these changes have effectively improved the systems. For this term, I plan to make bold changes while following and preserving good traditions. Other councilors in charge and I will be happy to hear your valuable opinions, comments, and suggestions. So please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember that the Japan Cornea Society is an academic society that has exercised the most open communications among members of all ophthalmology societies in Japan.

[Director in charge of accounting] Dr. Tetsuro Oshika (professor, Tsukuba University)

My name is Tetsuro Oshika and I work at Tsukuba University. I have been appointed as the director in charge of accounting.

The Japan Cornea Society is an academic society comprised of 1,200 members and its size is moderate among other specialty societies related to ophthalmology in this country. Fortunately, financial operations of the society have been solid and steady. In every recent year, we have actively invested in investigations and studies to activate research activities initiated by the society and invested in activities to enhance international collaboration. In response, however, the previous executives identified the need for a review of our financial situation. To this end, I would like to review and handle the financial operations so as to ensure sustainable activities of the society while providing sufficient explanations to the members.

[Director in charge of archives and the website] Dr. Kazuo Tsubota (professor, Keio University)

My name is am Kazuo Tsubota, and I have been appointed as the director in charge of archives and the society’s website. I will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities.

The Japan Cornea Society is the first academic society I have ever participated in and I love it. I have attended meetings almost every year because it is a very special society for me. I believe we can be proud of our very high-level academic activities, which are globally recognized, as well as our enjoyable athletic events and gatherings. For example, our research activities in regenerative medicines and dry eye are leading the field of cornea research across the world. I would like to improve our website to further distribute and publicize our efforts in such cutting-edge research and clinical initiatives to the world.

Moreover, I would like to contribute to the development of corneal treatment and corneal research in Japan to the best of my ability in cooperation with the chairman. Dr. Shimazaki, the other directors and society members.

[The director in charge of the editorial] Dr. Yoshitsugu Inoue (professor, Tottori University)

My name is I Yoshitsugu Inoue and I work at Tottori University. I will be the director in charge of the editorial of the Japan Cornea Society from March 2015.

Currently, corneal research in Japan leads the world. Especially in the field of regenerative medicines, the level of Japanese research initiatives outclasses those of other countries, which is actually not surprising considering that, for example, Japan invented the iPS cell. As for dry eye research, Japanese researchers have invented the world’s first medicines based on precise understanding of the pathogenesis. In terms of the number of surgical operations, we cannot say Japan is keeping pace with the U.S. and European nations due to differences in racial and social factors. However, our competencies in applications and analyses for surgery are still world-leading. Given these factors, the roles of the Japan Cornea Society in such research activities are critical and I think it is our responsibility to publicize information regarding corneal research and clinical initiatives of Japan to doctors of other subspecialties in ophthalmology, ophthalmology specialists in international societies and the Japanese society in general.

By making best use of my abilities and experiences as the chairman of the Japan Cornea Society in the two years from March 2009, I would like to support the new chairman, Dr. Shimazaki, and make efforts to contribute to further develop the Japan Cornea Society.

Particularly, as the director in charge of the editorial, I would like to enrich the contents of our annual report. I also would like to communicate the advanced academic performance of Japanese corneal researchers as well as the friendliness of the Japan Cornea Conference.

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