About the Japan Cornea Society

The Japan Cornea Society serves as a forum of presentations and discussions for basic and clinical researchers in the field of corneas or ocular surfaces, and holds general meetings for the exchange of state-of-the-art corneal research in Japan. I heard the first meeting was held in Tokyo in 1977 (coordinated by Dr. Reizo Manabe, emeritus professor of Osaka University) and 16 speakers delivered presentations. The second meeting was held in Osaka (10 speakers) and it was the first meeting of the Japan Cornea Society for me to attend. Compared with the number of speakers in recent Japan Cornea Society meetings, we can clearly see from these figures how the society has developed thanks to extensive support from society members. In 1988, co-hosting of the Japan Cornea Society and the Karatoplasty Society of Japan began.

I believe the naming of this research group “Japan Cornea Conference” hosted by the Japan Cornea Society is one evidence that it is a free, active and joyous venue of information exchange. Due to the active participation of young researchers, the society prides itself as being the most active and enthusiastic about academic discussions among all societies of this field. It also holds an abundant number of gatherings such as “horoyoi (half-tipsy)” seminars, which some people regard as synonymous with the Japan Cornea Society.

As is generally known, the advancement of ophthalmology in recent years is remarkable and especially the development of various ophthalmic laser technologies. Advanced techniques in cataract surgery and vitreous surgery are also noteworthy. Basic studies in cell biology and genome science research also center on corneas. In the remainder of the 21st century, approaches toward ophthalmological research are expected to be divided into two major areas before being finally integrated. One is research approaches that will focus more and more on the microscopic world and will later return to the solid world to realize regenerative medicines and gene therapies. The other is the development of clinical ophthalmic examination methods and therapies realized through interdisciplinary research activities with the introduction of cutting-edge industrial technologies such as computers and excimer laser.

We will continue our commitment to further develop the Japan Cornea Society through provision of state-of-the-art medical information and activation of academic discussions.

Dr. Yoshikazu Shimomura
Department of Ophthalmology, Kinki University Faculty of Medicine

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